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Beekeepers Journal section
« on: September 02, 2016, 11:25:51 AM »
Hey everyone,

I wanted to offer a suggestion for a potential improvement to the forum. I know that in the bee class, they encouraged us to write down what was going on in our hives when we checked on them. That would give us a good indication of when things were going to happen the following year or even when things were different from visit to visit, so that we could see when problems were occurring.

I thought it might be a good idea to create a section of the forum specifically for this kind of thing. Where you'd post your observations online so that everyone else can read them learn what to do or not to do with their own hives. It'll also allow people an idea of when they should do things. For instance, if I see that multiple people are having to add super every week in July, I know not to wait two weeks before checking on them.

The only thing that would keep this from being helpful and successful would be starting one and then not updating it. If you start one, you make sure to make time to go and update it whenever you check on your hives, but even if people do it for a couple of months and then fall off, others will still have the benefit of seeing what they did for a couple of months.

Another benefit is that if you're having problems with your hive, mentors could go back and look at your posts and see if they see any sore thumbs sticking out.

What I'm suggesting is that users would go to this section and start a new topic. They'd title it with their username and the year. You'd start a new one each year if you continue doing it. So if I were to start one, it'd be titled:   "JoelD - 2016 Journal". Then I'd post my observations under that post each time I went into my hive.

An example might be, " 8/20/2016: I went into my hive today and saw that my bees had swarmed. I panicked when I saw that they'd swarmed and there were no bees in the top box at all. I went through each frame and saw honey and propolis, but no eggs. Once I got down to the deep body, I started seeing some eggs, then larvae. I finally found the new queen on the very last frame I checked (of course).  ;D  Because they seemed to be taking wax from other places and using it down below I feel like I need to start feeding them, so I mixed 50/50 sugar/water solution and put them 1 quart out in a front feeder. It was empty when we got back from the beach 4 days later."

Then the next time I go in, I'd post my observations again. I just have one hive myself and I know it can get crowded posting about every hive. Since this is really just to benefit others, you just pick one or two of your hives to post on. You could also do multiple hives and number them, giving brief summaries on most and more details on a few. I'm open to suggestions on how we might make it work. It'd also be nice if more experienced beekeepers participated, because we'd gain a lot from their experience. To be honest, though, I learn almost as much from people messing up (like I've done many times), as I do people doing something the right way. I'm bound to do it the wrong way myself, so I need to know what to do or not do when I mess something up.

You wouldn't have to post every single week either. It's not a commitment locking you down to checking your bees every Saturday at 2pm. Just whenever you check your bees, jot some notes down and post it on the forum. If you just check your bees every two weeks or once a month, that's fine. You'd post then.

Let me know what you guys think and if you're on board for this idea. If you are, the let me know if you have any suggestions that might improve it. Crowdsourcing is a powerful tool.

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Re: Beekeepers Journal section
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2016, 04:37:56 PM »
I like the idea Joel. TBH most of my journal keeping is my phone taking pictures. But that works too since we can add pictures as attachments. This will not be much different than what I'm already doing. Ill add the Beekeeping Journal board and we will see how it does.
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